This is probably your best chance to win an EZP* as I’ll be giving away two on August 1st and the odds are pretty good!

I currently only have 1265 subscribers to the alternative YouTube channel and only 371 subscribers to the Twitter account. This mean if you’re following Tranthetics on Twitter, you currently have a 1 in 371 chance of winning, and if you have subscribed to the new YouTube channel your chance to win is 1 in 1265.

I do understand that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of publicly subscribing to a trans channel, so I will be launching another give away after this one closes that will go back to the old format of running the contest internally to the Transthetics website, so you stay 100% anonymous.

As you’ve probably heard, I did eventually get my original Transthetics YouTube channel re-instated after a three month long battle, but I’ve definitely taken this as a cautionary tale and intend to keep both channels active now, so I would encourage you to subscribe to both.


*You’ll also be able to choose one of the three standard colors for the EZP, and whether you would like a cut or natural model.