I’ve had a lot of requests lately for creating a credit option for people who want to be able to pay for their Transthetics purchase over time. So with the next product opening on November 10th, you can choose a 6 month, interest free credit solution from PayPal on check out.

Unfortunately this offer is not available in all countries yet. So if PayPal does not offer this where you are, and you would like the option to pay off your ‘package’ over time, I CAN do a lay by system where you can pay it off in as many instalments as you like, over whatever time frame is comfortable for you. However, I will only be able to ship it once it’s fully paid off. If this is something you’d like, then just email me at transthetics@gmail.com and I can set up a payment plan for you.

I most definitely appreciate that these products are not cheap and as a community we’re not exactly flush with cash, so I also, almost always, have at least one active give away, the current one being for the Hot Rod. And remember, you can also score yourself a $150 coupon to go towards any Transthetics product if I publish your “cock tale”. Here are some examples of personal stories that have already been published, to inspire you.