The first order in take of the Rod, went really well for the most part, and some great reviews have already come in.

For a full list of reviews, take a look at the bottom of the shop page here, but I thought I’d just share a few below:

“Alex, you’ve knocked it out of the park again – this thing is amazing! I am pre-surgery with just over an inch of growth and have no trouble putting it on. I have yet to wear it for an extended period because I wear my EZP all the time, but I’ve had no issues with it coming off. I cannot adequately express how incredible it feels to have a penis actually ON my body and how much it’s relieved my dysphoria. My wife was also astounded at how realistic it looks. I can’t thank you enough for creating these life-altering products and for the awesome contributions you are making to the trans community. You have truly enriched the quality of my life.” –  Evan

“I purchased this for my husband and I’ve truly never seen him happier! He actually had a few tears in his eyes while trying it on. He absolutely loves it and seeing him happy makes me happy! Can’t say thanks enough, it’s perfect.” –  Jordyn

“I’ve received my Rod and am beyond impressed. Fits well and comfortable. I will be posting a review after a week of full use. I am pre op but have surgery in August and can’t wait to see what it’s like with testicular implants. Thank you so much again. I own multiple reelmagik products and two peecocks. This is way more realistic for me and comforting. Doesn’t make me walk funny or feel like I have to situate myself constantly. Keep producing these!” – Emory

However a few issues did come up for some people, so please make sure the Rod is right for you by reading the bottom section of the product page here.

In any case, I will be making it available again this week, so check the countdown here for exact times.