Quality prosthetics certainly aren’t cheap, and we’re not exactly a cash flushed community, so it can be a challenge to save up enough to be able to afford a quality prosthetic device.

So here’s some ways to potentially get a Transthetics product either entirely free or largely off-set.

  1. Enter the free give away below for a chance to win any existing Transthetics product of your choice. This is totally free to enter and you get more entries for anyone that also enters using your social media link, so spread the word far and wide to get more entries and more chances to win.
  2. Enter the Bionic raffle for your chance to win a $200 coupon. With only around 100 entries to date, your odds of winning this with a $5 ticket are pretty good, and you’ll also be helping raise funds towards the Bionic Project.
  3. Enter the story contest. Any story that is published, gets a $150 coupon to use towards any Transthetics product. For some inspiration, here are some examples of stories that have been published to date.

And not free, but ways to make the cost more manageable.

  1. Use the PayPal 6 month interest free payment option when choosing PayPal on check out. Get your product now and have 6 months to pay it off interest free. That means around $8 a week, for an EZP.
  2. Put a part of your Corona stimulus package towards a Transthetics stimulus package. It’s not often such a glorious pun comes along. I just had to put it in here. (I really wish I was releasing another sexy time product soon, so I could call it the Stimulus Package.) But of course, please prioritize your most essential needs first.

Enter below for a chance to win any existing Transthetics product of your choice.

To get more entries, share your entry link far and wide in your social media and get another entry for every person that enters using your link.

You can check your number of entries (and total entries) at any time by looking at the tally below, once you’ve entered.

Contest closes May 31st, 2020. Winner announced June 2nd, 2020.

If you purchase a Transthetics product between now and May 31st 2020 and win the give away, you will be refunded the cost of the most expensive item of your Transthetics purchase.

Good luck!!

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