Some pretty darn exciting articles have been coming out of late about the future of lab grown penises and penile transplants which I thought were worth sharing.

Though most of these articles do specifically state that this technology will not be applicable to trans men, I suspect that rather than it being a case of “it can’t be done for trans men” that it’s more a case of “we haven’t factored trans men into the equation” and I’d imagine, if the defense forces are funding this, that the whole thing is also quite political.

I do think it’s very much worth keeping a careful eye on developments here, as I really don’t imagine it’s a very far stretch, seeing on a cellular level we’re all pretty much the same.

I’d encourage anyone who has any appointments with lower surgery specialists to be talking to them about this as we’ll really need these surgeons on our side to push this.  I’m not aware of any studies where anyone has actually attempted to use correlating clitoral cells, and if they CAN do it with men who have completely lost their penis and hence have no, or very limited cells to donate, then surely…

Regardless, both articles are a pretty fascinating read:


Laboratory-Grown Penises Ready To Be Tested In Humans


Scientists ready to test lab-grown penises on men

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