Isn’t it great how progress in one industry can inadvertently benefit another.

Who would have thought that when Steve Jobs announced the iphone in 2007, that a few years later this could lead us to a bionic penis.

Since that announcement, smart devices and wearable technology has improved in leaps and bounds. We now all carry portable computers in our pockets that connects us to the world in ways we could not have imagined 15 years ago. The idea of a touch sensing, vibrating computer in our pants would have sounded like fiction. Hang on, are we still talking about smart phones here?

Haptic technology has come so far in recent years, in most part due to smart phones and also of course gaming, but these advances have also translated to massive leaps in the prosthetics industry and will very directly benefit us in the development of the Bionic. The kinds of touch sensor capabilities incorporated into the screens of smart phones, translate to a sensing penis and the subtle and nuanced vibrations a smart phone is capable of in response to digital and physical inputs can also be harnessed to create a more authentic sensory experience for the wearer of the Bionic.

Due to your generous donations, the Bionic project is now underway, and it’s super exciting to be getting a serious start on exploring the material and technological possibilities.

I also wanted to give a shout out to one particularly generous donor, who chooses to remain anonymous, who has donated $1200 to this project. I absolutely cannot thank you enough for believing in this project enough to make such an astoundingly generous donation and I can’t wait to show you the progress your donation is making.

And if you haven’t done so already, but you want to see the Bionic become a reality, then please,


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On another note, ordering for the Bono, the EZP, the EZP Junior and the Rod is now closed, but all product will be made available again on Monday, June 19th.