YouTube shafted my channel again!!

Yep, for a second time the original Transthetics channel has been deleted. This time they canned it despite the fact that it was 100% in good standing and had zero community guideline strikes (all previous strikes were removed when an [...]

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The Hot Rod is ready to roll!

Yup! The Hot Rod will finally be available October 14th. As the pimped up big brother of the Rod, the Hot Rod is a super fun toy for solo and partner play. It attaches directly to your natural anatomy without [...]

The first video review!

Even I had no idea the Real EZP was such a versatile product! Added features previously unspecified by me, include its utilisation as, not only a phone but also an FBI badge. If you haven't seen it already, check it [...]

The Real EZP STPP in action

So thought I’d make a quick little video so you can see the Real EZP Stand to Pee Packer in action. Alas, even though this video had previously been flagged three times and fully re-instated by YouTube moderators, on it's fourth flagging, [...]

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