The complicated story of one trans man’s relationship with the penis

So yeah, I'll say it. I have penis envy. And yes, I'll admit I've always been fascinated by the penis. Ever since I knew such a thing existed, which is actually a very vivid memory. I would have been three. [...]

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The truth about penis size

One very common question I get asked about the EZP is, "will you make a bigger version?" My response has been no, because the EZP is designed to be a discreet prosthetic. One that’s realistic, easy to use and comfortable [...]

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The biggest give away that I’m trans

It’s not my height. It’s not the size of my hands. It’s not the scars on my chest either. Something that comes naturally to pretty much every western natal male seems to be, quite literally, beyond my grasp. It's my inability [...]

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14 Reasons Why It’s Not Okay to Out Someone as Trans | American Trans Man

I thought this article from AmericanTransMan was an important article to share. I too have had people out me without them realising this is something they should have asked me about first, hence I now always make a point of [...]

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Drivers licenses and other unnecessary bureaucratic nightmares.

Having recently moved from Sydney Australia to Boulder Colorado, where EVERYONE gets carded all the time, regardless of how old or young one looks, I am so grateful for the small but to me, very significant courtesy that the New [...]

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“We live in your world” – not!

So over the past little while, I've been collating some real world stories of the bizarre and ridiculous social and beaurocratic situations I've found myself in as I was transitioning. This is the first in a line of personal stories [...]

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