The Bono, is the one and only name that I have never really been 100% on for all Transthetics products.

Intended as a cheeky little homage to Bono from U2 and the lyrics “even better than the real thing”, it has always left me just a tad worried that Bono, if he ever knew about it, might not be too happy to have a seven inch dick named after him. Then again, perhaps he’d feel honored. Who knows.

In any case, after much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to rename it, the Joystick.

Why? Well, hopefully the name is fairly self explanatory. It does indeed seem to have brought much joy to its users and owners so I feel it lives up to this name rather well.

I did consider running a naming contest, but then we’d probably end up with a Dicky McDickface (if this doesn’t mean anything to you, google Boaty McBoatface for an explanation as to why naming contests aren’t always a great idea.)

So instead, I’ll just do a giveaway to help spread the news on the name change.

For those of you who’ve entered Transthetics contests before, you know the drill. Just enter your details below to receive one entry and then share your unique URL with others to get more. You receive an additional entry for everyone who signs up using your link, so share it far and wide, be it by email or social media and get the word out that the Bono will hence forth be the Joystick.

You can check your number of entries (and total entries) at any time by looking at the tally below, once you’ve entered.

Good luck!!

Contest closes March 12th 2018. Winner announced March 14th 2018.

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