The Bionic – all-in-one super realistic penis prosthetic

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penis prosthetic

*Patent pending

The Bionic is an all-in-one, super realistic penis prosthetic that mimics the natal male genitalia as closely as possible across four functions: pee, pack, pleasure and play – and over two states: flaccid and erect.

In its flaccid state, it functions as:

• An easy-to-use and reliable stand to pee device.

• A comfortable, discreet and natural looking packer.

It can easily move between flaccid and erect states and:

• Becomes wider, longer and firmer.

Stimulates the wearer‘s erogenous zone.

• Looks, feels and moves like human skin.

• Contains a lubrication/ejaculation reservoir under the tip.

As development has progressed, this project has been broken in two: The Bionic Basic, a manually actuated, non electronic version and the Bionic Deluxe, an electronically actuated version.

Below are some initial concept drawings of the Bionic Deluxe.

[Click the side arrows or dots to move through the slides.]
  • prosthetic penis
  • prosthetic penis
  • prosthetic penis
  • prosthetic penis
  • prosthetic penis
  • prosthetic penis
  • bionic insert

And here is an initial prototype video of the Bionic Basic.

Please do keep in mind though that it is functionally and aesthetically still a prototype and the final product will be far more refined.

This ambitious project aims to alleviate body dysphoria and offer a viable alternative to existing surgery options for transgender men, but we need your help to make this a reality!

…and yes that does say WIN! Raise more than $1000 by spreading the word and you WIN any existing Transthetics product of your choice, as a thank you!*

*After you donate, you will be issued a unique URL to share in your social circle. Anyone who donates through your URL will count towards your total fundraising tally.

Stage 1: Discovery & design

$30,117 of $30,000 raised

Goal achieved!

Stage 1 is now complete! Thank you SO much to everyone who donated! This absolutely couldn’t have happened without your support!

Stage 2: Refinement of design and prototyping

$16,931 of $30,000 raised

Now that a proof of concept has been established through pretotyping in Stage 1 and all materials and components selected (see this progress blog post) it’s time to move to the second stage of the development of the Bionic. Here these pretotypes are further refined and developed through an iterative process to a fully tested, fully functioning prototype ready to be taken in to production.

This will be followed by Stage 3: Initial production run. You can find an overview of all stages here.

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