Congratulations Mikey! You cracked the $1000 donation mark!

As Mikey has been making heart eyes at the Bono, he has picked this as his prize. I also thought I’d throw in a little surprise, which is that Mikey will also get to product test the Bionic once we get to this stage. And while I can*, I’d like to extend this bonus to anyone else who cracks the $1000 donation mark and is a suitable product tester, so if you need more incentive to donate and spread the word there you have it!

Mikey himself, wasn’t able to contribute much, but that didn’t stop him being the second biggest fund raiser to date. He donated $3 and then spread the word at any opportunity using his unique donor URL. If you’d like to check out his Tumblr, you can do so here.

By now we’re just over $8000 in raised funds, which is definitely enough to get the ball rolling. We’ve talked to Tacterion about their sensorskin technology and they seem confident that their technology would integrate well into a project like this.

And to keep you motivated, I’ll be showing you some 3D concept sketches in the very near future to give you a more tangible idea of how the Bionic will function.

Looking forward to giving you all continued updates.

*I can only take on a very limited number of product testers, so this bonus prize may be revoked without notice in the future.