So this time I’m doing things slightly differently.

As you may have heard, a bit over a month ago, the Transthetics channel got the shaft from YouTube. I’ve since erm… erected a new YouTube channel which you can find here, and I’ve also decided to start a Twitter account here.

And to encourage you guys to subscribe, I’m going to give away two EZPs in the color of your choice!

To be in the running, just subscribe to both the YouTube channel* and the Twitter channel. Then share this post link ( on your Twitter account using #TranstheticsEZPgiveaway and any other hashtags you deem appropriate.

*If you’re already subscribed to my new YouTube channel, then you’re already in the running.

Then on July 31st, I will be selecting one winner from my YouTube subscription list and one winner from the #TranstheticsEZPgiveaway. If whoever wins the EZP doesn’t actually want or need it, they get the option to pay it forward and I will redraw.

Having said all that, the only sure fire way to ensure you will definitely stay up to date on all my contests, give aways, product launches, and other news and events is by subscribing to the Transthetics email list here or by using the blue subscription bar below. This list is 100% owned by me, will never be shared with any other parties and is completely invisible to the rest of the world.

You can of course also voluntarily unsubscribe or update your preferences yourself any time either through these links or using the links at the bottom of any Transthetics email.

I did also want to share a little side note on the whole channel termination fiasco. After YouTube gave me the shaft, I thought I’d erect a Vimeo channel. It only took Vimeo a week to cancel my account, despite the fact that, as with YouTube, I was not breaking any of their community guidelines. I have to say in light of the content that IS on Vimeo, this REALLY surprised me (to get a sense, do a search for something like “peeing myself” to see the kind of content that is apparently… just fine. Yet an educational video on prosthetic devices for trans men… is not. It seems Vimeo moderators really are doing quite a…. remarkable job at moderating their videos.)

Surprisingly, I’ve actually had a couple of journalists contact me about the shafted YouTube account, so it’s great to see that people are taking notice.

Anyway, get those subscriptions coming and GOOD LUCK!