Last week I asked you to vote on which of the three ‘coming soon’ products you wanted most, so thank you to everyone who voted and gave their valuable contributions!

The clear winner by a factor of two to one to the second place Lollipop, was the Hot Rod so this will be available in the very near future.

I also really loved that people were so forthcoming in what they would like to see. Through this process it’s become very clear that a stand to pee packer for larger guys is something many of you want, with this suggestion coming in with almost as many votes as the Hot Rod, and far more votes than the other two options, so this is something I will start tinkering with. Expect some updates in the near future.

Note that I have now closed open voting where you can make suggestions and have others vote on them (though you can still vote on one of the three coming soon options) but if you still have a suggestion, please do leave it in the comments section below.